How To Prep Your Nails & Video

When doing nails from home and you want to make them the best they can AND you want them to LAST as long as possible your PREP is the key thing! 

Making sure your nails are as clean as possible is a professional’s must. Even if you’ve never noticed this when having your nails done in a salon this will be the vital part of your service. 

Making sure your nails are cuticle free (not that bit of skin at the bottom), clean cuticle free nails will mean your gel polish will last up to 4 weeks. 

Buffing the nail is also an important stage but, you don’t want to over buff as they are made up of layers and layers of dead keratin cells. About 100 layers so all you need to do is buff a little to take away the surface shine.

Then you need to cleanse the nail to dehydrate. A dehydrated nail bed is one of the most important things! Remember if you touch a nail again even slightly before applying your rubber basecoat you will need to re-cleanse to ensure the nail(s) are oil free. 

Now you’re all ready to apply your 3 step gel polish. 

Watch our little video to help you see how it’s done the right way! If you are noticing that you have some lifting or nails popping off this could be the reason why! We aim to help you get the best out of your kits! 

Move videos soon girls & guys

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