Step By Steps Nail Extensions For Beginners

Step By Steps Nail Extensions For Beginners

Our self levelling structure gel is perfect for adding a layer of strength if your nails are thin or weak. It’s also idea to use when sculpting nails for beginners. It self levels doing 99% of the work for you. it comes in 2 shades, clear and petal pink. The clear is stunning for glass like encased nail art decals and the petal pink for beautifully easy to rebalance for newbies at nails.

look no further for step by steps nail extensions for beginners as we have all you need here.

Our clear Self Levelling Structure Gel cures in a LED lamp in 30 -60 seconds, or 2 minutes in traditional UV lamp. Lasts up to 4 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and can be soaked or buffed off.

Check out our step by step video on how to fit a sculpting form before you attempt doing nail extensors for the first time. It can feel a bit tricky at first but once you have done this a couple of times it will become like second nature.

Application Of Sculpting Form Video

Application Step By Steps & Video

  1. Have all your Follé nail products to hand to save time and work efficiently. 

  2. Carry out careful proximal nail fold and cuticle work using the cuticle pusher provided in your Starter Kit. Do this to all five nails on one hand at a time. Push back the cuticle (the layer of dead cells over the entire nail bed) not the skin at the bottom of the nail. The cuticle should never be cut and many technicians are not aware what the true cuticle is. The cuticle is a layer of dead cells that lay on top of the entire nail plate. These old cells that are residue growth of the natural nail. In many cases it can’t usually be seen as it’s a very thin layer of dead tissue riding on top of the nail plate. It’s formed from the seal between the nail plate called the proximal nail fold. This tiny fold of skin is there to prevent bacteria, pathogens and infections getting into the matrix area (the root of the nail) Cuticles should never be cut and should be moisturised and very gently pushed back. When dealing with a heavy cuticle area an alpha hydroxyl product should be used. 

  3. Gently file the nails to the desired shape and make sure the ends of the nail are filed from corner to corner to open up the free edge. This allows the rubber base coat to penetrate into the ends to seal them when cured.

  4. Once you have prepped all 5 nails you now need to clean your work station. Discard any debris or dust and place a clean sheet of kitchen roll on the work area. Gel and dust particles are not a good combination. 

  5. Cleanse nails with a nail prep wipe. Make sure you don’t touch the newly cleansed nail plate as this will lead to lifting. If you touch one you can re-cleanse just don’t over saturate the nail.

  6. Fit a Sculpting Nail Form under your nail making sure there are no gaps. 

  7. Apply a thin layer of Rubber Basecoat over the entire nail and onto the form painting on the roughly desired length. Cure for 30 seconds depending on your lamp and gel. Our self levelling structure gel cures in just a few seconds where as the colours can take a little longer. 

  8. Pick up a bead of Self Levelling Structure Gel with a clean Follé Beauty Dual Ended Tool (brush end). Our brushes are designed for the perfect application of all our Gel Polish and Self Levelling Structure Gels.

  9. Now just roll the Self Levelling Structure Gel onto the natural nail and over the nail form. Gently push the product towards the proximal nail fold. Then ease the product around. Then ease a little more in the centre of the overall length Watch as it self levels doing all the work for you.

  10. Cure for 30 seconds

  11. Remove form, lightly buff and shape the end and you have a very easy nail extension in seconds! 

  12. Apply gel polish or topcoat as required.