Gel Polish Step By Steps

Gel manicures are essentially applied just like regular polish but with slightly different methods. To achieve a perfect home manicure you need to carry out careful prep and understand that each step is valuable for various reasons. Read our home Gel Polish Manicure Step By Steps completely before applying your Follé Nails Home Gel Polish products to ensure you get the most out of your new purchases.

Gel Polish Step By Steps

1. Make sure the area you are setting up is clean, tidy and you have your Follé Nail kit and colours at hand.  

2. File and shape your nails to the desired length. Use backwards and forwards filing motions as we need the tip of the nail to be slightly rough to let the Rubber Base Coat seep into the ends.

3. Carefully carry out careful proximal nail fold and cuticle work ready for application. The cuticle is the layer of dead cells over the new nail bed not the skin at the bottom of the nail. The skin at the bottom of the nail is actually called the PROXIMAL NAIL FOLD and should NEVER be cut or nipped off with cuticle nippers. Cuticle nippers are really only ever to be used if you have a stray bit of skin or an irritating hang nail.

*This is one of the most important steps to carry out and professional nail technicians never skips this essential stage during a nail service.

Home Gel Polish Manicure Step By Steps

4. Do this to all 5 nails. We recommend doing one hand at a time for a professional finish.

5. Buff away any peeling and delimitation to the ends/tips/free edge of the nail if you see any appear. This isn’t going to damage the nail as by the time the you redo your nails in a few weeks your nails will possibly need to be shortened anyway. If you leave any peeling nail you will have lifting happen sooner than you would like.

Home Gel Polish Manicure Step By Steps

6. Gently and lightly buff the surface shine of the nails on one hand at a time making sure you NEVER OVER buff the natural nail. Nails are made from about 100 layers of dead keratin and can become thin or damaged very easily.  

7. Use an alcohol wipe to cleanse and temporarily dehydrate the entire nail and the surrounding area. Give them a really good scrub. Clean debris free nail plates mean your nails won’t have breakdown issues.  

Follé Nails Home Gel Polish Manicure Step By Steps

*This is essential as you need to get rid of any dust, dirt or surface grease on the natural nail or your gels can lift with no apparent reason.

8. Be careful not to touch the nails after cleansing with the wipe. The nail will essentially be clean, dust and oil fee, look dehydrated and ready for the product but it could be holding some moisture from a finger print that can rise to the surface over time and lead to lifting of the products applied.  

*Be aware of touching the nails once you have cleansed them. This is one of the most common reasons gel nail polish peels, chips and lifts. Be vigilant about this to achieve a stunning set of nails.  

Follé Nails Home Gel Polish Manicure Step By Steps

9. Apply a thin layer of rubber base coat to 1, 4 or 5 nails at a time. The reason for this is due to your hands and nail shape. It will also depends on how fidgety you are. No doubtably you might knock a nail so when you are starting out we advise to work on 1-2 nails at a time from start to finish. And one hand at a time is the easiest way of doing your own nails. 

Place the brush in the centre of the nail bed and gently slip it back towards the proximal nail fold. This way the edges will be crisp and neat. Keep the brush in contact with the nail bed and let the product do the work rather than just aimlessly dabbing the gel on to the nail, let it glide slowly and take your time. The gel will only set once it’s placed in the lamp so you have all the time in the world.

10. Seal the free edge by side brushing to ensure all the bare nail is covered. Moving your hand as you need. Then concentrate on the sides by sliding it as close to the side walls without touching the skin.  

*Get as close to the skin as possible but DON’T touch it or this can lead to lifting of the product.

Follé Nails Home Gel Polish Manicure Step By Steps

11. . Cure in our Pro Follé Nails UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds or for 2 minutes in other brands lamps to ensure a full cure. We can’t guarantee a proper cure if you are not using our lamp as it has been designed to work with all our Follé Nails products.

12. Repeat on each finger and cure.   

*Relax when doing your home gel polish manicure as this enables you to move and manipulate your fingers to get the perfect coverage. A ridged hand can lead to imperfections   

13. Now apply a thin even layer of colour in your desired shade with the same technique once again. retrace your steps covering the Rubber Base Coat and along with covering the tip. Apply one coat of colour to the entire nail paying attention to all the side walls and proximal nail fold area. Its vital to get as close as possible to the nail fold and side walls without contacting the skin as this will lead to lifting. 

Follé Nails Home Gel Polish Manicure Step By Steps

14. Place in the lamp and cure for 30-60 seconds. 

15. Apply a second coat of colour using the same technique and cure in the lamp once more. 

16. Apply an even layer of our rubber top coat using the same technique and Place in the lamp and cure for 30-60 seconds. 

17. Wipe off any sticky residue with an alcohol wipe

18. We recommend that you don’t oil our your nails or use hand cream for about 20 minutes after finishing a set. Due to the wonderful, natural, vegan and plant based ingredients Follé Nails are created they need settle for a while. By all means wash your hands but don’t pour mineral oils and regular manicure oils on top of your beautifully finished diamond shine set of nails.

Take pictures of your work and tag us on social media! @follenails we love to share all your beautiful nails for others to admire!