How To Remove Gel Nails

Follé Beauty Gel Remover is a fast and convenient way to remove your gel polish at home. It removes gel safely and gently without causing damage. This is a revolutionary product that makes it so easy, worry-free and gives you more time to do the things you love without having to book in at the salon.

Here is the guide for carefully and successfully removing gels nails at home. Make sure you read the Gel Remover tips before attempting it at home to get the most out of your products and to ensure you don’t accidentally damage your own natural nails.

  1. Place a towel on the work surface as the remover could damage tables if spilt. Always keep the lids on things until you need them.

  2. Set up your area so its neat and tidy.

  3. Buff the top of the no wipe top coat. Be careful not to buff the regrowth of the new natural nail as this will lead to thinking of the nails over time. Buff and remove one hand of gels at a time as this will help make the job easier.

  4. Paint the remover gel onto the old gel that needs to be replaced. Make sure you paint on the gel not the skin. If you get anything on the skin don’t worry just wipe it off and wash the skin. The remover is designed to dissolve gel polish not your skin. It could feel a little warm if it comes into contact with skin.

  5. Keep hands still as waving them about will cool the remover down. You want to help the remover work by letting it warm up. Place hands in a warm area if your finding it difficult in removing. A warmer room is better than sitting in a cold draft ridden area. 

  6. Wait approximately 2-5 minutes before checking the first nail. The gel will have started to bubble slightly. If you have naturally cold hands this will take a little longer. 

  7. Use a cuticle stick or the end of your metal curette to gently and carefully push the gel off the nail. When using a metal curette use gently and only carefully. 

  8. Carry out careful proximal nail fold and cuticle work ready for replication. Push back the cuticle (the layer of dead cells over the new nail bed) not the skin at the bottom of the nail. Do this to all 5 nails.

  9. Repeat on the other hand.

  10. If you have a little left on the ends just gently buff the product (not the natural nail) This happens normally because you have longer nails. The main reason is the remover needs warmth to activate and break down the molecular structure that was cured originally. When the nails are longer you don’t have the natural heat from the body or nail bed to create that warmth and can be a little harder to remove. 

  11. Clean up debris and place a sheet of kitchen roll on your table.

  12. Wash and dry hands ready for your new set.

  13. You should now be looking at 10 stunning natural nails all ready to reapply your next set of Follé Beauty Nails.

*This product should not be eaten or ingested like all other nail products.