Be Aware Of Cheap Products

Should you probably reconsider having acrylics or cheaper gels the next time you're at the nail salon, well the answer is YES . You will see cheaper nail brands and salons everywhere and although it might be a good idea saving money at the time, but what is the chemistry of the products. Are they made from toxic resins and inferior quality ingredients. Do they products have a pungent smell being applied or removed? this is a tale tale sign that the ingredients are not to be inhaled.

Many brands that you might come across as a professional or consumer will have very inexpensive formulas that contain toxic resins. Many cheaper nail brands are not owned by nail professionals and they have no formal training as a technician. They also will have no inclination about ingredients and the pitfalls of over exposure to harsh chemicals even if they state they are vegan they still can be damaging to your nails and more importantly your health. We only ever use Non toxic, vegan and plant based resins in all our products.

Lots of cheaper brands use harsh substances in their products. Some ibrands even still use MMA thats meant to be used in the dental industry and it is also used as bone cement by surgeons. It’s used in flooring products, isn’t meant to be used near or on the skin and seriously isn’t meant to come in contact with nails. 

Follé Nails, What To Tell Your Clients About MMA

Nails are very porous and will absorb theses nasty chemicals. MMA should only be used in a laboratory while in a liquid state and never in contact with the skin.

Many inferior products or salons that offer £25 sets of nails will not be using quality products and most likely some form of MMA. The chemicals in some cases are so bad for the technicians health that they will be seen wearing masks. 

MMA should never have been used for use in acrylic nails in our eyes as it’s also too hard and they have no or little flexibility. The nail plate could very easily be torn off completely with the nail extension if traumatised. 

Some people will love going to these inexpensive salons as they say that the nails last and last. But what they don’t know is that the products could be damaging the nails permanently. The toxic chemicals can and will be steadily working it’s way into their blood stream over time and can sadly cause all manner of health issues. Also MMA should not be used at all n nail products because the FDA has determined that it is not safe for that purpose. 

When these nail techs are prepping for MMA they have no choice but to damage the nail plate as the product needs big grooves in the nail in order to stick. Every good nail technician should always protect and preserve the natural nail under any enhancement or product. It should be all about nail health and perfection. 

Removal of these nails are incredibly hard, this is why you will see drills and drills naturally lead to delimitation. We would like to see a ban on these products in salons in the future as they give good nail techs a bad reputation. We are not all the same guys! Nails should be a pleasure to do, get done and never hurt ladies.