Gel Polish Colours

We have thought long and hard about the best selection of fashion forward colours to offer you and we think we have the perfect range. Some call it colour therapy, but we just think each colour has its own special meaning… we leave it up to you to choose your favourites.

Pretty Sailor Top.png

Pretty Sailor Top

Faith • Trust • Calming

The ultimate shade of pretty blue that looks stunning on any skin tone, worn for trust and confidence. This shade symbolises loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. It’s also beneficial for the mind and body. By tempering your emotions, it guides you to understand situations from a more objective point of view.

Rose Macaroon.png

Rose Macaroon

Effervescent • Sensual • Creative

The effervescent energy of this creamy bright pink shade will transport you to sunny climates wanting you to dip your polished toes in the ocean. It nourishes and encourages confidence, power, sensuality and leadership. Freed from self-doubt, your creativity will flourish. Let your mind and body have a little holiday.

Cafe De Flore.png

Cafe de Flore

Empathy • Love • Emotional Healing

Connect with your heart with love and understanding. This soft and sensitive shade allows you to make room in your heart for others, as well as show yourself some extra TLC.



Confidence • Love • Courage

The most perfect of reds for every woman. This creamy dense shade harmonises with every other shade and adds a touch of drama. It symbolises love, action, confidence, and courage. The colour is packed with positive emotion and you'll be sure to impress others with your charm and vitality.

Nuit Noir.png

Nuit Noir

Strength • Balance • Grounding

For the sophisticated but rebellious woman who’s really a rock chic at heart. This deep dark luscious shade with its creamy consistency will dazzle your emotions. Associated with power, fear, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, formality and grounding. With this shade on your nails it will balance the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of ourselves. It forces you to accept your true self entirely. It will assist you in cutting the stress and negative patterns from your life by first bringing them to your attention, then absorbing that toxic energy.

Luxembourg Gardens.png

Luxembourg Gardens

Harmony • Balance • Stability

Imagine sitting people watching on the little green terrace chairs scattered about the gardens enjoying some greenery daydreaming in the heart of Paris. A pretty green shade for harmony and balance in life. Those looking for stability and nurturing protection will find solace in this gentle shade. Tune into the energy of the earth and attract new opportunities your way.

Ballerina Flats.png

Ballerina Flats

Balance • Calming • Grounding

The most beautiful grown up shade that’s iridescent and fun. This is a cool tone neutral blue with perfect flecks of silver and blue. Yes it comes across a bit moody but it’s also meaningful. When a formal, conservative, and sophisticated shade is needed this will have your mood balanced. It will help to bring you back to centre. It reconnects you with the energy of the earth to ground your mind, body and spirit. Wearing it allows you to shift from a state of anxiety to one of calm and balance.

Petit Blanc.png

Petit Blanc

Balance • Stability • Foundation

This creamy perfect white shade is the colour of balance, tranquility, and calm. This will bring stability and connect you to everything around you. Wearing this shade allows you to reevaluate your priorities on-the-go to keep your balance.

Cashmere Robe.png

Cashmere Robe

Wealth • Joy • Happiness

The most subtle of orange mixed with cream and a hint if gold. This is for those days when you can feel tranquil, calm, you need clarity, everyday success and richness. This shade will wrap you with encouragement, happiness, enjoyment, balance, freedom and fascination all at once.

Pretty Silk Ribbon.png

Pretty Silk Ribbon

Joy • Love • Inspiration

A delicate feminine pale pink colour that full of tenderness. Think of those playful days, cute moments in life and days filled with romance. This charming colour is associated with universal love of oneself and of others. If you need hope, inspiration, positivity, comfort or feelings of love this is the shade you need.

Satin Thread.png

Satin Thread

Confidence • Grounding • Motivation

This is a beautiful warm tone nude shade that’s intention is to create perfection in your life. Delicate, creative and confident, the energy of Satin thread motivates your inner star. Tapping into exciting properties will lend a sense of power that can prove especially beneficial for anyone looking to break through creative blocks or embark on new projects and ambitions.

Oat Couture.png

Oat Couture

Balance • Grounding • Wisdom

A cool and soft shade for any woman needing her fingertips to look demure but perfect no matter what she’s wearing. The perfect neutral shade depicting relaxation, calm, quiet and pleasant understated elegance. This shade has a profoundly grounding effect. It nurtures and balances your emotions. This provides you with the calm wisdom to dispel fears, alleviate stress and anxiety, and reflect on situations with wisdom.

Mint Tea.png

Mint Tea

Calming • Luck • Grounding

A fresh shade with a cool undertone perfect for all seasons worn for confidence in life. A colour that depicts nature, energy, good luck, spiritual grounding, harmony and freshness. This shade will enhance smooth flowing energy and gently bring rejuvenation and renewal to the your mind, body and spirit.

Rose Couture.png

Rose Couture

Gratitude • Love • Friendship

The simplest of shades with a hint of rose to compliment all skin tones. This shade is for expressing friendship, joy, gratitude, appreciation and admiration. See the world through rose tinted glasses by tapping into the universal love of Rose Couture. This shade will open up your heart chakra to every kind of love that you need, whether it’s self-love, familial love, friendship love, love for humanity or romantic love. It will assist you in releasing toxic emotions so your spirit can finally be free of petty negativity.

French Navy.png

French Navy

Calming • Healing • Grounding

A classic navy with deep creamy undertones. This Parisian shade compliments every outfit all year round. The deep blue shade is known for slowing metabolism and produces a calming effect. This shade is also associated with depth, expertise, and stability. This also helps you to focus on your health and make conscious decisions to shift your priorities to create a healthy mind, body and spirit balance.

Lady Coral.png

Lady Coral

Clarity • Happiness • Energy

This bright warm shade of orange is the perfect compliment for a country BBQ’s or that Moroccan holiday. It represents fire, sun, fun, warmth and tropical surroundings. Associated with healthy living, mental clarity and emotional balance. It will breathe life into your creative spirit by promoting energy, vitality, and creativity. Its effervescent energy reminds you of the joy that creating is meant to inspire.

Emperor Blue.png

Emperor Blue

Restoration • Peace • Ownership

Let this beautiful creamy deep cool tone blue calm your spirit. With its peaceful energy this shade will help to restore your emotions. Wear this to take ownership of your life and spiritual needs. This will inspire as much calm as it will personal growth.

Court Jester.png

Court Jester

Energy • Wisdom • Confidence

This stunning shade is for any woman who needs a touch of joy at the end of her fingertips. This fun loving shade is refreshing, feminine, calming and sophisticated. It’s also packed with energy and wisdom. For when your spirit needs to stop dreaming about adventure and actually start one. It will Inspire your creativity, confidence. You will feel motivated to transform your future ambitions into present realities.

Perfect Princess.png

Perfect Princess

Friendship • Love • Joy

This whimsical pink shade will open the heart to experience new joys. Enhance love, romance, friendships and life itself. When you connect with your own inner Perfect Princess you will feel infused with magic and love. Looking at this shade will fill you with feelings of joy and overall happiness.

A Cafe Terrace.png

A Cafe Terrace

New Beginnings • Joy • Growth

Sitting at a pretty cafe table gazing at the flowers blossoming into their fullest bloom. This terracotta orange shade will encourage you to blossom into your fullest potential. Not just for new beginnings, this is a shade of pure transformation and growth that will carry you through the year.

Queen of Hearts.png

Queen of Hearts

Energy • Love • Passion

A stunning regal cool tone red embedded with gold. Works with every skin tone and every fashion choice. It’s the perfect colour for passion, energy, motivation and life. A colour filled with fire and emotion it holds the power to aid your physical energy. It radiates the energy you need to overcome lethargy and to energise both your mind and your spirit.

Regal Rowena.png

Regal Rowena

Wealth • Love • Wisdom

For the woman who needs grandeur in their life. Summon your deepest desires with this exquisite shade associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Our beautiful regal shade of purple represents wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, devotion, mystery, independence and magic. Wear this to discover a newfound confidence that you can use to conquer financial struggles, improve your love life and also face your fears.

Duchess for a Day.png

Duchess for a Day

Fun • Freedom • Happiness

This stunning shade will help you reconnect to your playful nature, and reminds you to let loose. Wear this colour when you need to bring fun and joy into your life. If you want to be more playful and lighthearted in your relationships, professional or personal life. Use the energy of this shade to find that energy within yourself. It also embodies serenity and wholeness.



Energy • Wealth • Positivity

With a mix of gold fire flecks and deep red wine this shade will transport you to past times. Become a Roman empress with our signature shade perfect for every skin tone and every style choice. This shade is associated with strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Bacchanalia is a very emotionally intense colour enhancing your metabolism and overall wellbeing. Its energy nurtures the spirit with motivating positivity so that you can focus on the things that you can change, rather than on what you can’t.

Taupe Toile.png

Taupe Toile

Energy • Protection • Health

The quintessential colour for any woman who’s wardrobe needs that touch of luxury without being too over the top. A shade that suits all skin tones, personal style and elevates every outfit. It represents steadfastness, simplicity, friendliness, dependability, and health. This earthy tone is also comforting and nurturing. If your energy is depleted and negativity is everywhere, let this shade give you the energy to fight through and be your shield against whatever comes your way.