Gel polish

Gel polish from Follé Nails gives you a high shine finish, that can be applied by you at home. It has been designed to give you the same finish as a high quality nail salon, whenever you want it, using premium products.


Vegan and plant based

Know that you are giving your self not only the best product, but one that is safe and kind to the environment… no nasty chemicals here.

Our products are vegan, plant based, non-toxic and cruelty free. Who said amazing beauty had a come at a price.


Fashion forward and meaningful colours

A range of colours that will compliment any outfit. Each colour tells a story and ours have their own unique meaning.

Folle Nails

So straightforward anyone can do it

Our salon quality products have been designed so you can apply and maintain them yourself at home.

Following our simple guidance, you can have amazing looking nails whenever you want. They have also been designed to be removed whenever you wish, without damaging your nails, when you want to change your colour.

Folle Nails

Professional quality products

Our products follow the same high standards you would find in a high quality nail salon, so you always know you are getting the best treatment, even in the comfort of your own home.

With virtually no uncomfortable heat spikes, you can have immaculate and flawless looking nails in as little as one coat.

Folle Nails

Perfect nails whenever you want

You apply your own nails, so you decide when you want a new set… there is no need to wait for a salon.

We provide you everything you need to give yourself amazing nails as often as you want.